Artwork: Khajiit clothing

khajiit_clothing_by_ankalime-d7d187jKhajiit clothing by ankalime


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ESO Poster Contest

By: Carrieli

“This is my [Carrieli’s] entry for the Elder Scrolls Online poster contest that ended yesterday. Spent a fair bit of time on this. Intuos 3 + CS6.”


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Fiction: In The Woods-A Healer’s Touch Prequel

In The Woods-A Healer’s Touch Prequel

Chapter 1 – Loss

Author: Brynja/SkyrimJunkie

Vira was screaming at Grelod. The headmistress had caught the girl and Fjornir kissing. Fjornir hid, and listened. He was frightened of the headmistress, but was worried she would hurt his friend, so he stayed close by. Grelod forbade Vira from ever kissing any boys again so long as she lived at Honorhall. Vira threatened to run away. Fjornir heard a loud smack and then a slamming door.

He stood from his hiding place and peered around the room. Empty. He waited a few more minutes to leave and go check on Vira. Grelod can’t stop me from at least talking to her,he thought. He opened the door and calmly walked across the hall to the girls’ bedroom, but was stopped by Vex. Continue reading

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Skyrim Comic Teaser

By: SlayerSyrena

This is a teaser panel from a comic Slayer Syrena over at deviantART is working on. She has other full strips of this comic in her gallery, so check them out.


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Fiction: Alchemist’s Tale

Prologue: Alchemist’s Tale

by: Abraxas

The last drop of venom splashed into the bottle. Nessus smiled a wide grin that hinted at the rather sharp teeth below his lip. In a proud motion with his bony hands, the wood elf tightly sealed the cork on the bottle’s mouth and placed the newly perfected poison in his knapsack.

It was late in the night when Nessus stood up from his tucked away alchemy table and walked to the window across the room. He leaned on the natural opening in the giant tree he called home and peered thoughtfully into the night. From a passing breeze, he breathed in the smells of the thick Valenwood wilderness, the fresh leaves, soil, bark, and moisture all combined to create a rich midsummer night scent.

Nessus was especially fond of these nights, the moonlight shimmering in small streaks though swaying braches above and below. Always full of life and patchy chatter, Valenwood’s Falinesti nights were Nessus’s favorite place to be on all of Nirn and in all of time. There were voices from man, mer, and beast floating up from just below his window, merrily enjoying the tavern life and all the alcohol and music that came with it. Every now and then, Nessus would catch a waft of grilling meats from the tavern spits that made his mouth water and stomach ache.

This time, he truly hadn’t eaten all day due to his tedious potion making, so the savory smells caused him to pounce of his perch at the window and grab his ratty robe from the back of his writing desk’s chair. The wood elf then scurried around his room closing drawers and carelessly tossing miscellaneous items into their incorrect places. With a fast shove, the bone mold door swung open and Nessus stood starring down at the suspended walkway below. He sprang off the deck and dropped below like a fleshy four-legged spider climbing headfirst down the rope net. With a youthful flop forwards, he dismounted from the netting and then began trotting towards the wavering torches and joyful laughter that filled the tavern district.

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Fiction: Beginner’s Luck

Introduction Note: I’ve been following this author’s stories for a while now. I actually found him on twitter as SkyrimProblems. His tweets are very entertaining (I suggest a follow). I figured since his stories are some my favorite Elder Scrolls fan fiction, then I should post them here. This specific story is the first of a fairly extensive continuing narrative of a Bosmer assassin for the Dark Brotherhood. The character, Narova Black Hair, is one of my favorites of all time. Now, please enjoy from The Tales of Narova Black Hair,

Beginner’s Luck

by: Fargoth

Of course Nazir gives me a bullshit assignment on my first contract. Doesn’t think a woman can handle herself, eh? I’ll show him. I’ll show them all. Astrid and the rest. They may have given me the armor—that supple black leather that fits my elf-skin like a glove—but I am not one of them yet.

Soon I will earn my place among them. With blood.

I walk over snow in the night. There should be a crunching noise, I know. There used to be. But the assassin’s boots I wear hide that somehow. I am as silent as the white flakes that fall on my shoulders, mingling with my black hair in a way I find oddly erotic. Can’t say why. Maybe the white mixed with black reminds me of that redguard warrior I had a fortnight ago. He was a decent enough lover, but dumber than a skeever. Continue reading

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Khajiit – Desert Walker

By: SnowSkadi


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By: justduet

A fantastic rendition of a Nightingale from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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Fiction: Viking-The Story of Gunnbjorn Skull-Splitter

Introduction Note: This story was a great find from one of the authors down at The author, Gunnbjorn as he is known, created this very original Elder Scrolls adaptation of Ambrose Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” with the prologue of his story Viking. The other chapters of this fantastic story will be posted later on, so watch for them and enjoy,

Viking: The Story of Gunnbjorn Skull-Splitter

by: Gunnbjorn


A man stood upon a bridge in northern Falkreath, looking down into the swift water twenty feet below. The man’s hands were behind his back, the wrists bound with a thick piece of rope. His executioner was masked, holding a giant Axe. With him were two soldiers of the Stormcloak rebellion, directed by a Lieutenant. At a short remove upon the same bridge was an officer in the uniform of his rank, armed. He was a captain. An archer at each end of the bridge stood with his bow in the position known as “support,” that is to say, vertical in front of the left shoulder, the strings resting on the forearm thrown straight across the chest – a formal and unnatural position, enforcing an erect carriage of the body. It did not appear to be the duty of these two men to know what was occurring at the center of the bridge; they merely blockaded the two ends of bridge. Continue reading

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Elder Scrolls Classics: Surfeit of Thieves

Surfeit of Thieves

Author: Aniis Noru

“This looks interesting,” said Indyk, his eyes narrowing to observe the black caravan making its way to the spires of the secluded castle. A gaudy, alien coat of arms marked each carriage, the lacquer glistening in the light of the moons. “Who do you suppose they are?”

“They’re obviously well-off,” smiled his partner, Heriah. “Perhaps some new Imperial Cult dedicated to the acquisition of wealth?”

“Go into town and find out what you can about the castle,” said Indyk. “I’ll see if I can learn anything about who these strangers are. We meet on this hill tomorrow night.”

Heriah had two great skills: picking locks and picking information. By dusk of the following day, she had returned to the hill. Indyk joined her an hour later.

Continue reading

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