Welcome to Of Mer And Men! This blog is all about Elder Scrolls lore inspired literature. Here you will find: short stories, continuing series, fables, journals, and character fan-fiction. Sometimes there may be drawings/paintings, videos, and music related to the Elder Scrolls series posted as well.

As of now, I am the only one working on the site and that means the posts are not always going to be timely. That being said, I love, like seriously love, The Elder Scrolls, and I enjoy finding fan content based around the lore and series. Since I am studying writing as a full-time college student, I don’t always have time to work on the blog, but when I do, I try to include some of the best content made by TES fans like myself. From time to time I’ll post my own work as well.

If you have any Elder Scrolls stories or other artwork that you would like to share, click on the Submit Stories/Artwork page.



3 Responses to About

  1. damoclus says:

    The site looks fantastic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are you done updating the site? I was interested in it.

    • Y'ffre says:

      We are still going to be uploading new stories and artwork if that’s what you mean.

      We’ve just been considering some site changes. We were considering using our own domain, but decided to stick with the WordPress community for now. In the future we may consider using our own domain, but only if our following grows reasonably. If your question was whether we are done updating site features and such, yes and no; we might add new sections/features as we see fit, but for now we are sticking with this simple site. As for content, don’t worry, there is more to come!

      And thank you so much for taking an interest in the site!


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