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Fiction: In The Woods-A Healer’s Touch Prequel

In The Woods-A Healer’s Touch Prequel Chapter 1 – Loss Author: Brynja/SkyrimJunkie Vira was screaming at Grelod. The headmistress had caught the girl and Fjornir kissing. Fjornir hid, and listened. He was frightened of the headmistress, but was worried she would … Continue reading

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Fiction: Alchemist’s Tale

Prologue: Alchemist’s Tale by: Abraxas The last drop of venom splashed into the bottle. Nessus smiled a wide grin that hinted at the rather sharp teeth below his lip. In a proud motion with his bony hands, the wood elf tightly … Continue reading

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Fiction: Beginner’s Luck

Introduction Note: I’ve been following this author’s stories for a while now. I actually found him on twitter as SkyrimProblems. His tweets are very entertaining (I suggest a follow). I figured since his stories are some my favorite Elder Scrolls … Continue reading

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Fiction: Viking-The Story of Gunnbjorn Skull-Splitter

Introduction Note: This story was a great find from one of the authors down at The author, Gunnbjorn as he is known, created this very original Elder Scrolls adaptation of Ambrose Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” with … Continue reading

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Elder Scrolls Classics: Surfeit of Thieves

Surfeit of Thieves Author: Aniis Noru “This looks interesting,” said Indyk, his eyes narrowing to observe the black caravan making its way to the spires of the secluded castle. A gaudy, alien coat of arms marked each carriage, the lacquer … Continue reading

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Fables of the Nine: The Greedy Huntsman

The Greedy Huntsman Author: (Abraxas) One fine spring day, a huntsman was closely tracking a young elk. When he finally saw the elk standing in the stream to take a drink, the huntsman quickly fired off an arrow and struck … Continue reading

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