Fables of the Nine: The Greedy Huntsman

The Greedy Huntsman

Author: (Abraxas)

One fine spring day, a huntsman was closely tracking a young elk. When he finally saw the elk standing in the stream to take a drink, the huntsman quickly fired off an arrow and struck the young elk dead in the water. It was just then, when the huntsman stood up from his crouched position, that he heard a rustle behind his shoulder. It was a prize elk, much larger than the huntsman’s young elk. Without hesitation, the huntsman fell prone and crawled into the weeds to track the prize elk.

After three hours of creeping and carefully watching his breaths, the huntsman claimed his prize elk. Excited to show off his superb hunting skill to the others at the mead hall, the huntsman hurried home with the prize elk on his back.

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